Titan X

Designed for the water enthusiast who wants a modern look, the Titan X elevates the features of the Titan Classic with an eye-catching, contemporary design.

Product Specifications


The Titan X is the optimal decking option for those looking for a unique dock style that stands out. The X-shaped open areas of the boards will give your dock a fresh, modern look while still allowing for water to easily drain off or flow through the deck’s surface. With the Titan X, form and function come together to create an irresistible design engineered to withstand nature’s toughest elements.

Open Area

Span: 16" O.C. Framing

Open Area: 35%

Available Widths:

2’ (609.60mm)

3’ (914.40mm)

4’ (1,219.20mm)

5’ (1,524.00mm)

Length: 12’’

Depth: 1.5’’
Group 41

Unique Features

Designed to be the last dock boards you’ll ever use.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

By exceeding traditional dock decking standards, you can rest easy knowing that your boards are not only backed by a warranty but are truly built to last.

UV Protection:

Titan Deck is built to resist the fading that is typically found with other deck boards. Our boards are UV protected to minimize unsightly fading over time.

Barefoot Approved:

Thanks to UV protection and durable materials, Titan X Series decks are safe and comfortable for barefoot use.

100% Polypropylene:

Titan X decks are made of 100% polypropylene — a strong, flexible, heat-resistant plastic that can withstand nature’s harshest elements.

Why Titan Deck?

Titan Deck is the top choice for residential docks and commercial boat piers, marinas and waterfront businesses. Additionally, Titan decking is perfect for gangways, stairways and section decking. Our decks will add to the aesthetics, safety and durability of your dock system — no matter how large or small.

Titan decking is manufactured as individual boards for flexible and easy installation. Simply screw the boards to your existing boat dock system frame. The dock boards can also be assembled into panels that allow for easy removal during winter and for convenient access to water dock utilities such as electrical and plumbing systems. View our Installation Guide for more information.

Open X Penals Close View
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The Titan X allows you to spend more time enjoying your boat and less time worrying about your dock. Our boards are tough, dependable and easy on your feet; Titan Deck’s purpose is to engineer the only dock boards you’ll ever need.

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