Create Memorable Experiences For Tourists With These 5 Commercial Marine Deck Ideas

Whether it’s a summer destination or a winter escape, tourists hunt for warm vacation spots year-round to escape reality and enjoy the great outdoors. Commercial marine locations aim to provide memorable experiences for their visitors, and what better way to do that than by upgrading dock designs?

Enhancing the design and functionality of commercial docks is not only crucial to meet the demands of the growing tourism industry, but it can also boost a location’s vacation ratings and can increase revenue for the surrounding area.  

In this article, we present five extraordinary dock design ideas that will captivate not only your clients but their clientele as well.

Modern Minimalism

The view of two sailboats from the dock’s level.

Clean lines, sleek materials and a minimalist approach can create a contemporary and visually appealing dock design. Incorporate innovative lighting solutions, use neutral color schemes and opt for low-maintenance decking materials like polypropylene to place your dock squarely in the modern age. 

Consider using a slightly unconventional commercial dock shape like an F or X to add variety to the outlay of the dock. Either way, visitors will find themselves more drawn to the boats and to the uses of the dock rather than the dock itself, which is the goal of a minimalist design.

Outdoor Oasis With Floating Plants

A long deck leading down to multiple gazebos. The dock is surrounded on either side by water and grasslands.

Imagine a commercial dock that doubles as an oasis, offering relaxation and unique experiences. Incorporate built-in seating areas, lush greenery and even water features, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Consider using these water-loving plants to perfect your floating oasis experience: 

Water Lilies

Water lilies are iconic floating plants known for their vibrant flowers and floating leaves. 

Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth is a popular choice due to its ability to float freely on the water’s surface. It features attractive lavender or blue flowers and lush green foliage. Water hyacinth helps oxygenate the water, adds texture to the oasis and provides habitat for small aquatic organisms.


Papyrus is a striking plant with tall, slender stems and tufted umbrella-like clusters of foliage. Papyrus thrives in wet conditions and can be planted directly in the water or in containers with aquatic soil.

Floating Ferns

Various types of floating ferns, such as Salvinia and Azolla, can be excellent additions to a floating oasis. These ferns have delicate leaves that float on the water’s surface, creating a lush and natural look. 


Lotus plants are not only visually captivating with their magnificent flowers but also symbolize purity and enlightenment. They thrive in shallow water and can be planted in containers or directly in the floating oasis. Lotus plants require full sun and provide a stunning focal point in the oasis.

Consider using a rounded dock design, such an O, C or D shape, and keep your floating gardens in the center of the dock while boats moor on the outside. To enhance the overall aesthetic, use long-lasting yet naturalistic decking materials that will enhance the calming presence of the outdoor oasis while standing strong against the elements.

A Place That Promotes Adventure

A person in a blue kayak approaches a dock, where there is another person sitting on the edge of the dock. There are two boats in the background suspended in boat lifts.

For locations that cater to adventurous tourists, design a dock that serves as a central hub for water sports and activities. Install equipment such as kayak and paddleboard racks, diving platforms and zip lines, providing endless excitement for visitors. Polypropylene decking, with its strength and resistance to harsh marine conditions, is the perfect choice for high-traffic areas.

Consider using a durable, low-maintenance, heat-resistant and slip-resistant deck material for a user-friendly commercial dock style. You’ll want something that can withstand a lot of heavy use and foot traffic, something that can be comfortable to walk on even for barefoot visitors in the height of summer and can get wet without posing a risk to tourists. Polypropylene products from companies like Titan Deck check off all those boxes with their commercial deck boards.

Coastal Heritage

The view down a dock with a side dock protruding from the side. There are multiple boats docked up to the main pier.

In the Coastal Heritage commercial dock design concept, the aim is to create a space that celebrates the cultural and historical significance of the surrounding coastal environment. Incorporating design elements such as ropes, anchors, ship wheels or maritime symbols can evoke a sense of the sea and its connection to the local culture. 

Utilizing reclaimed materials adds another layer of authenticity and sustainability to the design. Repurposing materials with historical significance, such as salvaged wood from old boats or piers, creates a tangible connection to the area’s maritime past. These materials can be used for seating or decorative elements.

Showcasing local artwork or historical information further enhances the Coastal Heritage design. Install sculptures, murals or installations that depict local marine life, historical events or notable figures. In addition, incorporating informational displays or interactive exhibits can engage visitors and offer a deeper understanding of the local culture, history and environmental conservation efforts. 

Historical markers, plaques or audio guides can provide insights into significant events, indigenous cultures or traditional fishing practices, creating an immersive and educational experience for visitors. Overall, the Coastal Heritage dock design concept embraces the idea of preserving and celebrating local heritage in a visually appealing and engaging manner. 

Scenic Lookout

Two people cheersing at the end of a dock at sunset.

Design a dock that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape or seascape. Utilize elevated viewing platforms, glass railings and comfortable seating areas to provide visitors with unparalleled vistas. Polypropylene decking, resistant to fading and degradation, ensures the scenic dock remains visually appealing for years to come.

Titan Deck Makes For Irresistible Commercial Decking

Titan Deck is the top choice for commercial marine deck designs. From gangways to stairways, Titan Deck marine deck boards can elevate any appearance while standing the test of time. Constructed from high-quality polypropylene, these docks possess remarkable resistance to rot, decay and corrosion, ensuring they can withstand the harshest marine conditions. Commercial dock owners that face heavy traffic and constant use during tourist season can rest easy knowing Titan deck boards have the ultimate Titan Strength made for this kind of daily use. 

Titan Deck’s polypropylene docks are specifically engineered for superior slip resistance, providing a safe and secure surface both for visitors and dock workers. Titan Deck dock boards also require minimal upkeep, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance, painting or staining, which will save time and money in the long run. Furthermore, the installation process is efficient and straightforward, enabling quicker project completion and saving additional money in labor costs.

Whatever the design choice, Titan Deck’s polypropylene docks provide unmatched strength, longevity and versatility to match any deck aesthetic. Want Titan Deck on your next project? Check out Titan Deck’s marine decking solutions or contact a Titan Deck Expert for more information. 

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