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Titan Open Classic

Titan Open Classic offers all the beauty of our Titan Classic design but with an impressive 45% open area and a dual color design to fit your taste. This decking can withstand even the harshest weather conditions while staying in style.

Product Specifications

The tan side of a marine decking board with rounded rectangle open areas.
Tan/Gray Reversible
The grey side of a marine decking board with rounded rectangles open areas.
Tan/Gray Reversible

The Titan Open Classic is the ultimate decking option for those who want both durability and style. Its open design allows wind and water to flow through the deck, ensuring it stands strong against the elements. Even with its 45% open area, it still provides ample surface space to prevent objects or feet slipping through. It features a reversible color design, allowing you to choose between tan or gray with a single board.

Open Area
Up to 24"

Span: Up to 24" O.C. Framing

Open Area: 45%

Available Widths:

3’ (914.40mm)

4’ (1,219.20mm)

5’ (1,524.00mm)

Length: 12’’ (304.80mm)

Depth: 1.5’’ (38.10mm)
Group 41
12’’ (304.80mm)
1.5’’ (38.10mm)

Unique Features

Designed to be the last dock boards you’ll ever use.

Exceptional Strength with I Beam Construction:

Our Titan Open Classic Decking is engineered with I beam construction, one of the strongest shapes widely used in construction for its strength. This innovative design maximizes the board's strength to weight ratio, ensuring it can endure the most demanding conditions.

Strength Testing Results:

We've conducted rigorous flexural strength tests to prove the exceptional durability of our Titan Open Classic Decking. Compared to other materials, our boards consistently outperform in load bearing capacity, deflection and peak load.

Outperforming the Competition:

In drop weight impact tests, Titan Open Classic Decking excels when compared to competitors. All Titan boards withstand the test without puncturing, with the highest load capacity reaching 175 lbs. Meanwhile, some competing products fail at lower loads.

Dual Color Design

A versatile marine decking board with a dual colored design, offering two colors allowing you to effortlessly customize your deck.

Barefoot Approved

Thanks to UV protection and durable materials, Titan Open Classic decking is safe and comfortable for barefoot use.

100% Polypropylene:

Titan Classic Flow boards are made of 100% polypropylene — a strong, flexible, heat-resistant plastic that can withstand nature’s harshest elements.

A marine decking board edge showing where two board are welded together smoothly.

Why Titan Open Classic?

Titan Deck is the top choice for residential docks, commercial boat piers, marinas and waterfront businesses. Our decking is perfect for gangways, stairways and section decking, adding to the aesthetics, safety and durability of your dock system, no matter its size. Titan decking is manufactured as individual boards for flexible and easy installation. Simply screw the boards to your existing boat dock system frame. The dock boards can also be assembled into panels that allow for easy removal during winter and for convenient access to water dock utilities such as electrical and plumbing systems.

“Titan Open Classic has elevated our offerings as a Titan Deck dealer. The unmatched durability of Titan Open Classic is going to be game changer for us and our customers. Installation is simple and the aesthetic appeal adds a touch of luxury to marine decking. It has seamlessly blended style with functionality. We are proud to be a dealer of Titan Deck as they continue to deliver top tier marine decking that exceed expectations.” – Frank Allen, Local Lift and Dock Supply, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Open X Penals Close View
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Enjoy more time on your boat and less time worrying about your dock. Titan Deck boards are tough, dependable and easy on your feet. We engineer our decking to be the only dock boards you’ll ever need.

A person in a blue kayak is paddling toward a boat dock where another person is sitting. There are two boats on boat lifts next to the dock, and a wooden bench for sitting on the dock.
The photo depicts a dock with a body of water and a marsh in the background. In the foreground, there is a black, coiled-up hose.
The picture depicts a Titan Deck dock next to a rip rap bulkhead.
The photo depicts a close-up shot of two dock-mounted fishing rod holders. A wood pillar is attached at the corner of the dock and a body of water is in the background.
The photo is an extreme close-up shot of a gray deck mounted on a wooden base. The gray docking consists of a zig-zag pattern.
A person in a blue kayak approaches a dock, where there is another person sitting on the edge of the dock. There are two boats in the background suspended in boat lifts.
The view of a person sitting on a bench on a deck. The deck is in front of a waterfront home.
A detailed image of a waterfront deck design, featuring a close-up of a Titan Deck board and its grid profile.
his image shows a dock leading out to two docked boats in the water. It shows a bridge, land across the water and a blue sky with clouds across it.
One person is sitting on a bench at a dock made out of polypropylene while another person is standing on the dock talking to them. There is a two-story dock in the background.
Titan Deck decking is pictured. The sun is setting in the background, and there is a boat on a lift in the top right corner.
A marine dock with titan decking in front of a restaurant.
Two fishing poles in their stands sit on the corner of a boat dock. A tackle kit sits next to the rods.
A man standing at a boat lift on a deck made of Titan Deck.
Titan Deck
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